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Members of Time 2 Change Fitness for Women Lee's Summit, plus trainer Justin CantwellWe love it when our members share their Time 2 Change Fitness for Women experience with family, friends and co-workers — and with us! We value member feedback of all types, including what we’re doing well and what we can improve on. Meeting our members’ expectations is job number one for us and the only way we can maintain a successful, vibrant business.

These Time 2 Change Fitness members gave us the OK to use their words on our site, and for that we’re grateful! (Note: If you’re interested in reading testimonials from people using our nutrition support service, click here.)

I have never enjoyed a fitness program like I have at Time 2 Change. The workout is great, and I feel better and am stronger than I have been in years.  I love having a personal trainer who pushes me more than I would ever push myself and working out with other women who are striving to be fit and healthy. ♦ Marta G., Lee’s Summit

I love this fitness center! I have been a member for nearly five years and cannot imagine a more supportive and positive atmosphere. You get the feeling that everyone is rooting for you to do and be the best you possibly can. The trainers, the owner and the other ladies you work out with all become part of your “team.” I look better, I feel better and I am stronger and healthier and I plan to stay that way! ♦ Laura S., Lee’s Summit

I had lost a lot of weight a couple years prior to starting with the Time 2 Change studio but had gained a few pounds back. I was having no luck getting it back off with my usual methods. So when I say the flyer for this new studio offering small group personal training close to my house, I thought I would give it a try. I figured I would join for a few months just to get the few pounds off that I needed and gain some upper body strength in the process — something I’ve never had much of.

Well, I got so much more than that from the program and almost four years later, I am still going strong. I actually like going in for my training sessions — something I never thought I would say. Justin makes strength training almost fun, and I could immediately see results. I had muscle definition for the first time in my life. I not only lost the five pounds I initially wanted to, I lost another seven and a dress size. But what I gained from the program was so much more beneficial than just the pounds that I lost. The staff at the studio taught me how to make eating healthier a part of my daily life

Having tried the fad diets in the past where I gained the weight back as soon as I got off the program, this approach just makes so much more sense. I don’t diet — I eat healthy. It’s just a new way of life and it works. ♦ Laura F., Lee’s Summit

Hands down BEST workout place. Love working out and I thought I’d never say that. I’m so excited for the future of my gym — love the place and the people. They are the best! ♦ LeaAnne M., Lee’s Summit

A friend of mine was getting in shape at Time 2 Change. She looked great so I decided to try it for myself. I knew I really needed it but besides the exercise time, it was going to add an hour of travel time to my day. What a commitment for someone who has tried a number of fitness programs and centers over the years and never stayed with them.

Needless to say, after three years I continue to go to Time 2 Change three days a week and feel better than ever. If it weren’t for the awesome owner and trainers and the results they help me achieve, I would have quit after my first month. And just when you think you might get bored, they think of new ways to challenge us so that “boring” never happens. They hold me accountable but in a helpful, supportive and genuinely caring way. Time 2 Change is the only place I would go. ♦ Cindy B., Kansas City

I have participated in personal physical training here for three years, and I know I will never stop. I love it! The trainer who works with our small group of women customizes our workout for our particular physical issues. After our weight training, we do cardio together. I know everyone in my Time 2 Change group, and I have the positive feeling of working out with a staff that cares and friends that encourage each other. I can’t see myself working out any other way. My workouts have helped me manage joint pain, brain-fog and weight gain. The personal attention makes all the difference. ♦ Claudell C., Lee’s Summit

I’ve been a member for almost four years. The discipline of having a scheduled time each week (three days of workouts) really has worked for me. Justin, my trainer, is very knowledgeable, most helpful, fun and patient! The studio is welcoming and comfortable, and the atmosphere is personal.  Over the years, I’ve developed new friendships — what a sweet bonus! Time 2 Change has just become a part of my life. ♦ Sandy H., Lee’s Summit

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