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How to get back on track and back to working out

By on Jul 9, 2018 in T2C News | 0 comments

POSTED BY: Teresa Yockey on July 9, 2018, 6:30 a.m. You’re on a roll and in a good routine from a health and fitness standpoint. Then life throws you a curve ball (and that could be basketball- or tennis ball-sized), and there’s an impact to one or more areas of your life — like your work, your family or what you eat each day and how much activity you...

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Do women work out differently than men? I think so

By on Mar 2, 2018 in T2C News | 0 comments

POSTED BY: Levi Jansen on March 2, 2018, 10:25 a.m. From how they live and what they believe, women often have a different fitness journey than men. Here are things I’ve learned along my journey working with women. One differences between the male and female fitness journey is the wonderful high heel. You know that shoe that makes your feet ache and your...

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12 Days of (staying healthy during) Christmas

By on Nov 30, 2017 in T2C News | 0 comments

The holidays can be a tricky time of year to stay healthy, but — good news! — our Time 2 Change Fitness for Women team has some timely tips and tactics for you.   (From Trainer Justin Cantwell) Day 1: Planning is your best friend. You’ve heard the expression “Fail to plan, plan to fail” — right? The holidays typical require extra planning. Think about the...

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Why working out at Time 2 Change works for our members

By on Sep 13, 2017 in T2C News | 0 comments

We all have our “whys” – the reasons and beliefs we hold true that propel us through life, shaping our thoughts and decision-making. We asked some of our members to share their “why” for working out at Time 2 Change Fitness for Women. Read on to learn what they had to say. “Why” not join these women and our other Time 2 Change...

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Should women track calories, macronutrients, points or … [fill in the blank]?

By on Jul 8, 2017 in T2C News | 0 comments

POSTED BY: Jenn Hockaday on July 8, 2017, 1:15 p.m. Almost daily, we see a news story (or a blog or Facebook post) with someone singing the praises of a food-tracking tool or program. But news hype aside, what should you track? Is it calories (because calories do count, of course)? What about macronutrients (i.e., protein, carbs, fat, etc.)? What about counting...

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My Whole30 experience

By on May 17, 2017 in T2C News | 0 comments

POSTED BY: Teresa Yockey on May 17, 2017, 9:50 a.m. Have you ever wanted to do a nutrition-related reboot or re-set, where you re-focus on healthy eating? I did that recently when I decided to try the Whole30® program.     With Whole30, you go through a process of eliminating (and later re-adding) certain food groups in...

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