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How to get back on track and back to working out

How to get back on track and back to working out

POSTED BY: Teresa Yockey on July 9, 2018, 6:30 a.m.

You’re on a roll and in a good routine from a health and fitness standpoint.

Then life throws you a curve ball (and that could be basketball- or tennis ball-sized), and there’s an impact to one or more areas of your life — like your work, your family or what you eat each day and how much activity you get.

Teresa Yockey, Time 2 Change Fitness for Women trainer

Teresa Yockey, Time 2 Change Fitness for Women founder

I’ve been there before, and I bet you have, too. So if you’re looking for motivation to get past the curve balls life sends your way, here’s advice for getting back on track and back to working out and turning that stumble into part of your dance.

It’s OK to start small

You know the expression, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” — right? Pick one small thing to help you get back on track, and you will likely see it propels you to take more steps.

For example, if you typically work out three times a week (and, hopefully, that’s here with us at Time 2 Change Fitness for Women!), come in just once during the week to work out. Sure, your Time 2 Change member friends and trainers are used to seeing you more often. But working out once a week is better than not working out at all. You could share the fact that this all you can possibly muster right now. And I bet you’d hear words of encouragement from your trainer and fellow members for taking that small step.

Share your struggles

Do you have a fitness-minded friend who knows what you’re capable of when you’re in the groove and working out regularly and eating healthy? Call (or text) her or him and share what’s holding you back — and then ask for support. Your friend has fielded a curve ball (or two or three) before and will likely offer the right words of encouragement and advice to motivate you to get back on track.

What I love about our trainer team is that they regularly tell me how they either contacted one of our members who they hadn’t seen in a while — or a lapsed member contacted them to say, “Ugh! I’ve got to get back to working out.”

The conversation that transpires typically results in our trainer encouraging our long-lost member/friend to pick up where they left off. And we see the person renewing her T2C membership commitment that week.

Define your break, then don’t break it

Especially for women, it can be hard for us to take a break. We tend to beat ourselves up for minor transgressions, and this sometimes stalls our forward progress. It’s perfectly OK to take a break from health and fitness … and the strategy that works for me and the many women I work with is to confine those breaks to a short period of time. Is it a day, a weekend or a week? You know the answer best.

As you plan your break, plan your return, too — and share that plan with someone close to you. We all need accountability partners, so ask the person to kindly check in with you tomorrow, next week or whenever you said you’d get back on track to see how you’re doing.

When life happens …

Has life chewed you up and spit you out? You’re not alone. But things will get better when you play the lead role in turning things around.

When this happened to me earlier this year, I took that break but then I encouraged myself to get back on track with life, with work, with working out and in making the right food choices again. Because when I work out and eat right, life is better for me, no matter what curve balls come my way.

You can do it, too! And if you need help, you know where to reach me.