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Group training vs. personal training

Group training vs. personal training

POSTED BY: Time 2 Change News on Jan. 9, 2016, 12:44 p.m.

Would you rather hire a personal trainer or participate in a group training class? If you have money to burn — and aren’t you lucky?!? — your answer might be to go the one-on-one route and hire a personal trainer. But for many of the current and former Time 2 Change Fitness for Women members we’ve trained, their preference is small group training, and here are some of the reasons why.

Group training is cheaper than personal training

While you may think this is a “Duh!” statement, it’s still worth calling out. Personal training typically runs anywhere from $50-100/hour (more on the East and West coasts). Group workout sessions are often half to a third of that. Our group class is $25 for one session, and the hourly rate drops when members book a series of workouts. Money saved = money you can spend on things like new workout clothes, a nice dinner out, movie tickets for two or ____ (insert your fun idea here).

Group training classes are (often) more fun

Just like any group class with multiple students and one teacher, there’s often an undeniable camaraderie that occurs in class. That’s the experience of many of our members — like long-timer Claudell who told us, “I know everyone here, and I have the positive feeling of working out with a staff that cares and friends that encourage each other. I can’t see myself working out any other way.”

Certified trainers lead group workouts, too

In addition to cost savings and other benefits we mentioned, the best, most effective group workout sessions are led by certified trainers.* That’s the case with our studio, too, where the Time 2 Change trainers are certified by one or more recognized athletic training associations.

While you may think we’re biased because we only offer small group training, our trainers who have experienced both types of training say they also enjoy the camaraderie of the group and the fact our members can often join for longer periods of time, due to the lower cost.

Ready to try a group workout?

If you’re new to small group workouts and are ready to try them out, we’re here for you! You can take advantage of a free class — or jump right in and sign up for our $129 new member special. Just visit our services and pricing page for more information, along with a link to our online payment site.

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