Women-only small group training studio in Lee's Summit

Jennifer Hockaday, trainer

Jenn Hockaday, trainer at Time 2 Change Fitness for WomenNew mom Jennifer (Jenn) Hockaday is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and an NASM Women’s Fitness Specialist. She has an Associate’s degree in Exercise Science from Heritage College in Kansas City. She has worked with a variety of clientele, including seniors and pre- and post-natal women, and is a great addition to the Time 2 Change Fitness for Women team.

Jenn views physical fitness as more than just improving the outward appearance and, instead, focuses on improving overall health, quality of life and daily lifestyle choices that promote long-term results and participation. She enjoys weightlifting and yoga, but also loves to try a variety of fitness styles to keep things fresh, interesting and challenging. Jenn enjoys spending free time with her husband and young son at their home.

I think if you can find a fitness program that you love, enjoy doing, and on most days look forward to, you will be more likely to be consistent and maintain your physical fitness on a long-term basis. ♦ Jenn Hockaday

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– Trainer Jenn Hockaday’s focus on women’s fitness

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