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Real results from Time 2 Change’s nutrition support

Real results from Time 2 Change’s nutrition support

POSTED BY: Time 2 Change News on May 2, 2016, 9:54 a.m.

We’re receiving great feedback about our monthly nutrition support service, which we’re now offering to both Time 2 Change Fitness for Women members and non-members. We asked three women who are participating to share their thoughts on how it’s working for them:

I joined Time 2 Change to lose weight. I felt that lack of exercise was my only problem since I had a great diet. I expected that once I started working out, the weight would immediately fall off. I quickly learned that wasn’t the case. It wasn’t until I met with Justin about nutrition that I realized how many nutritional mistakes I was making! Justin made recommendations, taught me about macros, and instructed me to keep a food journal (which he also monitors to keep me on track). It made such a difference! As soon as I began following his nutritional advice, the weight started to come off. In addition, I had more energy, gained more confidence and enjoyed working out even more. ♦ Catie M., Blue Springs

Over the past two years, I have tried to lose weight. I would meticulously count calories and points, weigh food and put food in containers — all without success. Even with blood sugar on the rise, I wasn’t making good choices. I simply was stalled and didn’t know where to turn. A friend of mine recommended Justin at Time 2 Change. As I headed to my initial consultation, I was full of doubt and thinking, how is this going to work? I walked out pleasantly surprised. I thought I was an expert on food and nutrition. I wasn’t. There was a major piece of knowledge regarding sugar that I was missing when selecting my food choices. I’ve changed my diet and use MyFitnessPal to communicate with Justin. He provides suggestions and encouragement. I’m currently losing weight and am satisfied. My blood sugar has completely turned around. I’m shocked (in a good way), and my doctor is going to be happy with my next visit.

The nutrition plan is sensible. I think often women try to eat too few calories. If you are hungry, you won’t be successful. Justin and I set my daily caloric intake at 1,400 calories. This equates to losing 1 to 2 pounds a week. This is manageable. I have a very active social life — always on the go. We’re season ticket holders for the Royals, and I’m now packing healthy snacks. With all this said — when I ate nachos at the game, Justin was okay with it. I just have to plan around it.

Time 2 Change is a no guilt, no shame, no judgement environment. If you need help, this is a good place to turn. ♦ Linda M., Lee’s Summit

Although I was eating whole grains, fruits and veggies, I wasn’t seeing results because I wasn’t focusing on my protein intake and watching my carbs. Nutritional coaching at Time 2 Change helped me get on track with what to eat in order to lose weight. The diary function of MyFitnessPal is an essential component of this practice. I am losing about 1 pound per week, and it is nice to see results. ♦ Susan E., Lee’s Summit

I know how to eat right, but I found myself struggling. I needed an accountability coach more than anything. I talked with Teresa about Time 2 Change’s new, improved nutrition support program. She told me about how it offers accountability and flexibility, which is what I was looking for. It’s been helpful talking about nutrition with Justin, a.k.a. my accountability coach! He looks at the food tracking I’m doing on My Fitness Pal and sends me encouraging notes each week. And if I go off track, he suggests how to course-correct. I signed up four weeks ago and have already lost more than 10 pounds. Exciting! ♦ Melanie D., Lee’s Summit