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Make no bones about it … strength-training is good for your bones!

POSTED BY: Jenn Hockaday on October 26, 2018, 7:58 a.m.

When it comes to strength-training (a.k.a. weight-lifting), there are numerous benefits for women.

Let’s look at one of the benefits of “lifting heavy” — how it benefits your bones, which can help you stave off osteopenia (the initial stage of bone degeneration), osteoarthritis (when protective cartilage on the ends of your bones wears down over time) and osteoporosis (bone loss and the inability to regenerate bones).

Jenn Hockaday, Time 2 Change Fitness trainer

Jenn Hockaday, one of our Time 2 Change Fitness for Women trainers, is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and an NASM Women’s Fitness Specialist.

Bone Up on Bone Basics

After the age of 30, the rebuilding of bones slows down and then there’s a gradual decline. (It stinks getting old, right?) But strength-training can help to rebuild your bones (making them stronger) as you age — and who wouldn’t want that?

When your body is doing basic moves and you’re contracting your muscles, the muscles pull on the bones which strengthens them. With weight-training, you’re strengthening your muscles even more. As your bones re-form and grow stronger, this can help minimize what happens to many women and men where a simple fall can break a bone. And while I’m a fan of lifting real-deal weights in a gym, you can also build your bones using stretchy resistance bands and using what you have around the house, like heavy cans for bicep curls.

In addition to weight-training, diet plays a part (hello, calcium-rich food) and intake of key vitamins and minerals (D, K, Magnesium and foods that contains these). Lifestyle factors, such as not smoking and drinking, also play a part, along with anything that deteriorates your body’s ability to repair itself.

Jenn Hockaday works at Time 2 Change Fitness in Lee's Summit

That day when the tables were turned on Jenn at Time 2 Change Fitness …

Cardio Helps Bones, Too.

Cardio, like walking and running, helps build bones, too. But what I often see working with women who are older is that they can have joint-related issues (related or unrelated to osteoarthritis) that can make high-impact exercises like cardio nearly impossible to do — or at least intimidating.

Both cardio and weight-training are beneficial for women (and men!), and that’s why we use a mix of exercise methods at Time 2 Change Fitness for Women. Working out with our cordless jump rope, for example, can be easily modified to our members’ abilities. Our “get your stresses out” battle ropes are another moderate impact, cardio tool that’s bone-building friendly. Same thing with our treadmills and elliptical machines — they’re great for your bones so thinking about that the next time you jump up on one.

Time 2 Change trainers get recertified to keep credentials

Jenn and our other trainers periodically earn continuing education credits and complete a re-certification process to retain their industry credentials. Recently, Jenn completed ACE’s Senior Fitness Specialist program.

It’s Never Too Late to Build Bones

Like many good habits, the earlier you start, the better and faster you can see results. But it’s never too late to do something beneficial for your bones … and I’m a witness to this! I’ve worked with Time 2 Change Fitness members and personal clients over the years who got bone density tests at one point, and then after time spent weight-training and doing other fitness work, they get tested again and see those efforts pay off with bone loss stabilized or showing other improvements.

Strong bones and muscles sound beneficial unto themselves, but have you considered the real-life benefits? As Mastercard says, these are priceless:

  • You can be more independent and self-sufficient.
  • You can go through your daily activities without the fear of falling or hurting yourself.
  • Your concerns about getting a new injury (or triggering an old one) can be redirected to positive thoughts about overall better health.

Our T2C Team Can Help You

Our team of trainers are experienced and certified. We know how to help you get stronger, improve your fitness level and build new confidence in your abilities. And we know how to work with you safely, starting where you are right now.

At Time 2 Change, want to see everyone living their best life … and we believe that being fit and strong is one of the keys to getting there!

For more information about what Time 2 Change has to offer, read about our focus on women’s fitness.