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Three powerful points for better health and wellness

Three powerful points for better health and wellness

POSTED BY: Teresa Yockey on April 18, 2016, 11:49 a.m.

I read a lot of blog posts and news stories about exercise, nutrition and women’s health. Sometimes the messages tend to blur with so much of the information (particularly online) being repeated and recycled. But occasionally a post or news report jumps out at me as being special and particularly profound.

That’s what happened recently when I read What’s More Important for Weight Loss: Calories or Exercise? on MyFitnessPal.com. I think it’s a great post and one that I felt compelled to underscore on our blog. Here’s what I like about the three points covered in MFP:

Point 1. Counting your macronutrients: For Time 2 Change Fitness for Women members who are focused on improving their nutrition and/or losing weight, we often encourage them to track the protein, carbs and fat they eat. This could be using a tool like MFP or writing what they eat in a journal. The MFP post highlights the importance of what specifically is eaten (and tracked) vs. just looking at higher-level info, like calories. (See the Twinkie Diet reference.) Time and time again, members tell us that by writing down what they eat, they’re more accountable to their goals. They stay more on track with nutrition and this results in improved health and weight loss.

Point 2. Building strength: It’s probably no surprise, given we are a strength-training-focused fitness studio, that point 2 spoke to me! I love that it emphasizes the additional benefits of building muscle (denser bones, better posture, more muscle to burn calories, et al) — and also like what it says about how ordinary daily tasks become easier, such as raking leaves and even climbing the stairs. Who doesn’t want to be able to move freely and feel better throughout our busy days?

Point 3. Cranking out cardio: Woman does not live by strength-training alone, and so it is with cardio. That’s why our 45-minute workouts include a mix of weights and cardio. (We use Tabata cardio — short bursts with high intensity.) It’s super-important to focus on both strength and endurance, and our members will tell you the combination helps them get fit, lose weight, reduce their dependencies on medication and just feel a whole lot better!

I encourage you to read the MFP post and see if you agree that — despite all the diet hype and diet styles “out there” — sometimes the basics are all that’s needed to get us feeling stronger and healthier.