Women-only small group training studio in Lee's Summit

Reflections on three years at Time 2 Change Fitness

Reflections on three years at Time 2 Change Fitness

POSTED BY: Teresa Yockey on November 19, 2018, 9:10 a.m.

Time flies and it really has at Time 2 Change. I can’t believe I’m reflecting on being in business three years.

I’ve been asked many times why I started a business focused on women’s fitness. Long story short, this business opportunity with its Lee’s Summit location presented itself to me, and it was a good fit since I advocate exercising and healthy eating. I’ve always worked out, but as I’ve gotten older, I realize how important exercising is to stay strong and healthy as we age. And I wanted more women to get that benefit, too.

I envisioned a business that provides a comfortable environment for women of all ages — especially for those intimidated by the big gym atmosphere. I felt that a boutique-style gym with small group training would be something many women prefer.

Teresa Yockey, Time 2 Change Fitness' owner and manager

Teresa Yockey, Time 2 Change Fitness’ owner and manager

Diversity of Time 2 Change Members

Fast-forward from November 2015 to now, my vision is now a reality. And though our demographic at Time 2 Change Fitness for Women is typically women from 45 to 65, we help women of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels — and we absolutely love this diversity! The trainer team and I work with women who work outside the home, empty-nesters and also women who are retired and now have time to devote to their health and fitness.

Women come to Time 2 Change for a variety of reasons, including they want to lose weight and body fat, get stronger and improve an existing (or encroaching) health condition.

What It’s Like to Own Time 2 Change

Running a business that provides a service people need seems like it would be easy — who doesn’t need to exercise, right? But it’s proven to be challenging. I joke that selling hard work and commitment is tough, and I think it’d be a lot easier selling designer purses and vacation packages!

The day-to-day running of the business comes easier to me. I have a strong business acumen, having worked in the corporate world for many years — an experience that’s given me the skill-set to run a small business.

Keeping our members motivated and focused on achieving their goals can sometimes be a challenge. Health and fitness is a personal journey, and we all have things happen in life that can derail that journey and/or make our motivation wane from time to time. Coming back in the door again after missing a couple weeks can be hard for some of our members. And brand-new members say that showing up for their first workout can be a monumental step! But, thankfully, once they experience our welcoming atmosphere, most know Time 2 Change is a good fit for them.

Diversity in Our Trainers

Trainer team at Time 2 Change, with owner Teresa Yockey

Teresa and her trainer team: Justin Cantwell, Jenn Hockaday, Levi Jansen and Jose Ruiz

My trainer team includes men, and often times that surprises people since we’re an all-women studio. I recall one member who was reluctant to train here because of this, yet she joined anyway despite her hesitation. I only found out about this when it came time for her to renew and she shared her initial reservations about having a male trainer. Not only was she eager to renew, she shared how much she “loved” her trainer!

I Couldn’t Do It Without Our Team …

I’m extremely fortunate to have a team of trainers who are reliable, knowledgeable, respectful and very passionate about training. They get to know the members so they can tailor our 45-minute workouts to fit everyone’s needs. They know that the women who come to us have different abilities and goals, and they’re willing to support each one.

… and Our Wonderful Members!

Thanks to everyone who’s been part of our three-year journey, especially our members. I’ve loved getting to know you and seeing your successes (and seeing a few struggles, because we all have them!). I appreciate you placing your trust in Time 2 Change, more than you’ll ever know.