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Time 2 Change trainers’ advice for managing holiday temptations

Time 2 Change trainers’ advice for managing holiday temptations

POSTED BY: T2C News on November 30, 2016, 11:15 a.m.

‘Tis the season for festive fun … but it can also bring extra stress — too many commitments and no time to work out! — and more food than anyone should consume at one given meal. (Thirds? Heck, why not!)

Time 2 Change Fitness Trainers Share Holiday Tips

Teresa Yockey, Time 2 Change Owner, with trainers Justin Cantwell and Jenn Hockaday

Our Time 2 Change Fitness for Women owner and trainers have significant experience focusing on women’s fitness and nutrition. Through the years, they’ve talked through holiday strategies with many clients (e.g., how to avoid extra calories and how to still make time to work out).

While each of our Time 2 Change team members enjoy the seasonal festivities, they still strive for moderation (though, never perfection). They depend on key strategies to help minimize the effects of what seems to be an endless number of holiday temptations. Here’s how:

Teresa Yockey, Time 2 Change Owner, with trainers Justin Cantwell and Jenn Hockaday

Owner Teresa Yockey says, “I don’t use the holidays as an excuse to throw healthy eating and exercise aside. I make sure to eat something high-protein and high-fiber before I attend a holiday gathering, which makes me less inclined to overeat. I check out the offerings before I fill my plate, choosing the healthier options first. I also keep my distance from the food table so as not to make it convenient to refill my plate, over and over. Lastly, I make sure to include the cheat calories into my overall calorie count to help me stay on track.”

Lead trainer Justin Cantwell says, “I make my own food for holiday get-togethers, so I can more easily know what I’m eating from a nutritional standpoint. I often find healthier holiday recipes online and make those to bring to parties or enjoy at home. I also focus on macro dieting (counting my carbs, protein, fat, etc.), so I can save up calories — carbs, in particular — to enjoy occasional splurges. I try to fill up on healthy food, like green veggies and turkey, and have been known to enjoy healthier versions of no-bake cheesecake or pumpkin pie.”

We found a protein-packed pumpkin pie recipe that Justin says is similar to one he’s cooked and enjoyed in holidays past. He also recently shared a seasonal pumpkin treat on our Facebook page.

New mom and trainer Jenn Hockaday says, “I use My Fitness Pal to stay on track this time of year — that way I know I’m keeping my holiday meal and snack portions in mind, along with my goals. Also, I don’t bring home leftovers of the unhealthier food I might enjoy while I’m out. And if I’m bringing a dish to a holiday celebration, I try to create a lighter version.”

Time 2 Change encourages members of its nutrition support program to use a tool like My Fitness Pal to make tracking calories and nutrients easy and convenient.

This month, we encouraged our members to join our Maintain, Don’t Gain holiday challenge. (Thirty women took us up on the challenge — so great!) It’s just one of the ways we help members keep their focus on health and fitness, while having some fun, too.

We hope you enjoyed reading our team’s advice for managing seasonal temptations. Why not try one or more of their strategies for holiday 2016? And if you’d like to join T2C and experience our fast and effective 45-minute workouts, here’s where you can learn more and get a free session — or join right away today!